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1 Step Paint Correction

Servicing San Gabriel Valley & Surrounding Areas

Our 1 Step paint correction service starts with us degreasing your vehicle with an automotive grade degreaser. Than it is follow up with Bug & Tar Removal to remove all the bug and tar that may be stuck to your vehicle during its daily use. After this we rinse the vehicle an use a chemical Iron Remover to get rid of all the embedded iron particles on the paint. Fourthly, we follow up with a clay bar to remove any left-over embedded contaminants on the paint this will make your paint smooth again so that when you rub your hand on the paint you don’t hear a noise from all the contaminants on the paint. After this we use will use a medium cut polish to remove moderate to deep defects 50-70%. Lastly, we will coat the vehicle with Fusso Coat by Soft 99 to protect the vehicle and service that was just done to the vehicle. This is great for people who enter car show.

1 Step Paint Correction

1 Step Swirl Removal, Remove 50-70% of Defects, Foam Wash, Wheel Barrel Cleaning, Wheel Cleaning-Door Jam Cleaning, Inside & Outside Window Cleaning, Bug & Tar Removal, Degrease and Dress Tires, Iron Remover, Clay Bar Treatment, Fusso  Coat by Soft 99

Sedan $300.00 Truck / SUV (2-Row) $400.00