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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Detailing

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Q. How often should I have my car professionally washed and detailed?

Car owners who keep up with regular Maintenance Wash service monthly and Deep Interior Cleaning every three months usually get by just fine. If you own a show car, you can opt for more intensive cleanings before a big event in addition to this schedule.

Q. How long does car detailing take?

How long the job takes depends on the service you've ordered. As a general rule of thumb, you can plan on your professional detailing service to take approximately 2 hours for more basic services, up to 5 hours for more intensive jobs or combination services.

Q. Should I bother to detail a leased car?

The primary purpose of having your vehicle detailed is because you deserve nothing but the best. So, you deserve to drive around in a vehicle that's immaculate looking, inside and out. However, from an investment standpoint, the better care you invest in a leased automobile, the greater the trade value you'll receive.

Q. Will Clean Mobile Auto Detailing come to my office?

Absolutely, and in fact, we frequently come to the workplace of our customers. As long as the property owners are okay with us being there, the whole point of being a mobile detailing service is that we come to you when and where it's most convenient.

Q. Can't I just run the car through a drive-thru car wash?

Drive-thru car washes aren't ever a good idea. The brushes can be too abrasive and damage the paint job, and the cleansing agents are also too harsh. Plus, this option leaves too many untouched spots. You're more likely to end up with swirls and scratched paint from this type of car wash, than a level of professional clean you want.

Q. Do all vehicles cost the same?

Our prices are generally broken down by sedan or truck/SUV. We keep the upcharge for larger automobiles minimal and competitive; however, because they require more time and product, there is a slight increase in the price.

Q. Do I need to schedule a service in advance?

The work we do is by appointment only. However, we can usually fit you in fairly quickly. Much of how long it takes to schedule your service depends on the type of work you're requesting and the weather.

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