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Diamond Bar Auto Detailing

Clean Mobile Auto Detailing is a local leader in Diamond Bar when it comes to mobile auto detailing pros. We know the business inside and out, just like we understand the best ways to clean your car inside and out.

It's about understanding the needs of our Diamond Bar customers and providing them with topnotch service. For some clients, their car is responsible for getting the family around, and for other clients, their automobile is their most prized possession.

Our job is to take care of every type of customer and deliver superior cleaning and detailing. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the best level of clean for your vehicle.

Restore the Luster with Trim Restoration

Trim restoration is the ideal way to restore the look of your trim and plastic. Over time, the sun especially can fade and damage your trim, detracting from the original dark black or grey color.

Savvy clients in Diamond Bar and surrounding areas understand the value of taking care of every part of their vehicle, including the trim. Because, really, what's the point of detailing if you're not taking care of the details - like trim?

Our trim restoration process includes multiple steps:

  • Clean Trim
  • Remove Oil, Grime, & Wax on Trim
  • Dye Trim with Solution Finish
  • Apply Protection to Trim
  • Optional Add-ons For Interior or Exterior Detailing

You can finally stop the aging process and even reverse the effects. We'll restore the look of your trim, and undo the damage that's already been done by harsh UV rays.

Wash & Wax for Ultimate Appeal & Protection

Your car deserves the best treatment, and we don't mean taking it through a drive-thru car wash. At Clean Mobile Auto Detailing, we provide a wash & wax service that can protect your car against bugs, chemicals, and more, as well as beautify.

The road and the elements put your vehicle through a lot, and without regular cleaning, the build-up of contaminants can eat through the clear coat and straight to the paint.

With our auto car wash & wax, we'll make sure to remove the layers of dirt, bugs, and chemicals. That way, you can get back that beautiful original appearance of your car, like the day you drove it off the lot.

Washing is one thing, but adding a protective layer of wax is another. What this does is make it less likely for various contaminants to adhere to the exterior of your car.

Washing and waxing protects and beautifies the appearance of your automobile while making the paint color more vibrant. Plus, the exterior will be in better condition now and for years to come.

We're here to provide the level of detailing that you need, so call now to schedule service. We're your Diamond Bar mobile auto detailing pros; contact us today for service.

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