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Ceramic Coating

Servicing San Gabriel Valley & Surrounding Areas

Our Ceramic Coating Package starts with us degreasing your vehicle with an automotive grade degreaser. Than it is follow up with Bug & Tar Removal to remove all the bug and tar that may be stuck to your vehicle during its daily use. After this we rinse the vehicle an use a chemical Iron Remover to get rid of all the embedded iron particles on the paint. Fourthly, we follow up with a clay bar to remove any left-over embedded contaminants on the paint this will make your paint smooth again so that when you rub your hand on the paint you don’t hear a noise from all the contaminants on the paint. After this we use a 1 Step polishing compound to remove moderate to deep defects 50-70%. After the 1 Step Correction has been done we will apply 2 Coats of Ceramic Serum on the Vehicle. 

Ceramic Coating

1 Step Swirl Removal with Medium Cut Polish Removes 50-70% of Defects, Foam Wash, Wheel Barrel Cleaning, Wheel Cleaning-Door Jam Cleaning, Inside & Outside Window Cleaning, Bug & Tar Removal, Degrease and Dress Tires, Iron Remover, Clay Bar Treatment, 2 Coats of Ceramic Coating

Sedan $600.00+ Truck / SUV (2-Row) $650.00+