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Headlight Restoration

Servicing San Gabriel Valley & Surrounding Areas

Are your headlights all foggy and yellow? Does this impact your visibility and overall exterior look of your vehicle? Don't worry you won't have to replace your headlights (which will typically run you about anywhere between $200 to $1000 for a new pair). We have a 7-step process to get your headlights looking like new again. We will begin by placing tape around the headlight to protect the car paint, then we will use 4 different grits of sand paper to remove yellow oxidation, compound the headlights, polish the headlights and finally we will add a coating to your headlights to make sure they remain looking great. We are also so confident in our headlight restoration service that we include a limited lifetime warranty with it. (By Appointment Only)

Headlight Restoration:

Limited Lifetime Warranty, Mask Paint around Headlights, Sand Oxidation with 500, 800, 1500, 3000 Grit, Polish Headlight, Apply Clear Coat (Prevents Oxidation from happening again)

Headlights: $75.00 a pair  Brake lights $75.00 a pair