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Mobile Paint Correction

Take Advantage of Mobile Paint Correction

If you’re experiencing problems with the paint on your car, you can take advantage of mobile paint correction at Clean Mobile Auto Detailing. We excel at taking care of the exterior detail, removing bugs and grease. Whether you’re headed to a car show or you want to provide your car with some added TLC, we can provide a one-step or two-step paint correction service for you.


We have a full process that helps with the car detailing ceramic coating of your car. This includes using degreaser, chemical iron remover, and a clay bar. However, we don’t stop there. We’ll provide a full foam wash, bug and tar removal, and more. You’ll find that it helps to balance out the color and strengthen your paint against future contaminants.


Mobile paint correction is considerably more affordable than paying to have your car completely repainted. It’s all a matter of learning how to care for your car throughout the year – and that’s where our detailers can help.


If you’re not sure whether you need the one or two-step paint correction, let us have a look at your car. We’ll take a look at the damage, how many defects are in place, and what needs to be done. We’ll, then, recommend the service that will have the best impact on the overall aesthetic.


We have great prices on our car detailing ceramic coating services. Whether you want us to concentrate solely on the exterior or work on the interior as well, we’re here to make a difference. Contact us today to schedule our mobile detailing services. We can come out to your home or business in the San Gabriel Valley and show you how the right services can make a big difference in the pride that you feel with your car.