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All in One Paint Enhancement 

Servicing San Gabriel Valley & Surrounding Areas

Our  All in One Paint Enhancement consist of us doing a clay treatment on the paint.  The clay bar treatment is done to make the paint smooth and remove the deeply embedded contaminants. This will also be followed up by an iron partical remover to make sure nothing remains embedded on the paint. Once this is done we will apply the AIO Polish to give the vehicle a protective coating and remove minor swirl marks. Overall this entire process is guaranteed to give your car that amazing shine we all love. (By Appointment Only)

AIO Paint Enhancement:

Foam Wash, Spot-Free Water, Wheel Cleaning, Wheel-Well Degrease, Clay Treatment, Iron Particle Remover, Door Jams Cleaning, Dress Tires, Clean Exterior Glass, Paint Enhancement

Sedan $200.00 Truck / SUV (2-Row) $250.00