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Take All The Road Wear Off Your RV With RV Wash And Detailing

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Clean Mobile Auto Detailing knows all too well how vital it is to keep your motorhome in immaculate condition. When San Gabriel Valley area customers call us for an RV wash, we know we're doing more than cleaning their car.

Your RV is your prized automobile, as well as your second home. In some cases, your recreational vehicle may be your primary home. It's become commonplace for retirees to take their life on the road and live out of their motorhome.

So, you need a skilled auto detailing team that treats this job with the care it deserves. Call us today to find out about our RV wash; pricing is by the foot for washing or wash & wax service.

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RV Wash and Detailing

Cleaning Service for Your Home Sweet Home on Wheels

The first step of our RV wash is rinsing the entire exterior. From there, we foam and scrub the outside with a super soft automotive-grade brush.

After all this, we'll use Meguiar's Ultimate Fast Finish to wax the RV and give it that ultimate shine and protection, if applicable. We'll also clean the rims and tires and polish any chrome, as well as clean the front glass and apply Rain-X for ultimate water repellency.

Here's a brief overview:

  • Pre Foam RV / Motorhome
  • Scrub with Super Soft Brush or Mitt
  • Clean Glass
  • Clean & Degrease Tires
  • Dress Tires
  • Clean Roof
  • Spray Sealant
  • Polish Aluminum
  • Bug & Tar Removal
  • Apply Wax (if applicable)

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RV Detailing

Let's not forget the value of using methods of trim restoration and other detailing techniques for a more thorough level of cleanliness. Sure, you want your RV to look good, inside and out, but it's also about being homey and habitable.

When we clean the interior and exterior, we're showing you have a sense of pride as a homeowner, not just a vehicle owner. Plus, for the interior, it makes the space more sanitary and livable when you don't have to worry about dirt, crumbs, dust, and more.

Overall, you'll benefit from letting us professionally clean and detail your recreational vehicle because:

  • Retain the Value
  • Keep it Road Worthy
  • Improve Your Dream Home on Wheels
  • Protect Against the Elements & UV Exposure
  • Let You Relax

The last thing you want to do after some long stretches of driving on the open road is to take care of the cleaning. Let our pros handle the work for you, and provide you with better results.

Get in touch with us now before or after your most recent road trip in to or out of San Gabriel Valley, and let us take care of your RV wash.


If you are looking for RV wash and detailing in the San Gabriel Valley area, please call us today at 626-408-4294 or complete our online request form.