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Trim Restoration

Servicing San Gabriel Valley & Surrounding Areas

Are you tired of looking at your vehicle and seeing all the faded Plastic, Rubber, Vinyl well we got the solution for you. We can bring back the black or grey to your trim. This process is done by cleaning and degreasing the trim. After this we apply a chemical dye that will soak into the trim and bring back the black or gray color to your trim making it look as good as the day it left the dealership. The dye also come with a build in protectant that will last 1 to 2 year depending on sun exposure.

Trim Restoration

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-Clean Trim
-Removal Oil, Grim, Wax's on Trim
-Dye Trim with Solution Finish
-Apply Protection to trim

Car Trim Restoration by Clean Mobile Auto Detailing | Inland Empire & Orange County, CA