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Trim Restoration In The San Gabriel Valley Will Remove Graying From Your Vehicle's Trim

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Not to brag, but Clean Mobile Auto Detailing is also the best when it comes to trim restoration, just ask any of our San Gabriel Valley customers who've had it before. As auto detailing technicians and specialists, it only makes sense that we'd excel in this field as well.

While trim restoration may be a cosmetic job, it can help you preserve your vehicle. Whether it's a work truck, family car, or trophy-stealing car show winner, it should look good.

Once the trim begins to fade and crack, it's hard to notice anything else. We'll make your overall beautiful car become the focal point again by restoring the trim to good-as-new condition.

Get Your Trim Looking Like New Today

Trim Restoration

Preserve, Protect & Beautify With Professional Trim Restoration

While nothing is as critical for the care of your car as the mechanics, any auto enthusiast will argue that appearance is a close second. Trim restoration is a cosmetic task, but one that plays an integral role in how good your vehicle looks.

If all you notice when you look at your car is the faded plastic, rubber, and vinyl - we've got the solution for you. We'll restore the look and luster of your black or grey to your trim.

This restoration process is done by cleaning and degreasing the trim. Then, we apply a chemical dye that saturates the trim and soaks into it.

The dye includes a built-in protectant that will last 1-2 years, depending on UV exposure. This brings back the black or gray color to your trim, making it look as spectacular as the day you drove it off the dealership lot.

Our trim restoration includes:

  • Clean Trim
  • Removal Oil, Grime & Wax on Trim
  • Dye Trim with Solution Finish
  • Apply Protection to Trim

Request A Trim Restoration Estimate

All Vehicles Welcome

Your classic antique sports car to the family-friendly minivan, we do it all. Some of our customers include trim restoration as part of their RV wash and detailing, while others use it as a standalone for their show car.

The only reason you have to have is the desire to restore the trim and make your automobile look as good as new again. From there, Clean Mobile Auto Detailing will take care of the rest.

We'll offer suggestions to help prevent fading, such as keeping it garaged and letting us regularly treat it with Armor All.

However, sometimes it's just inevitable, and the sun is going to fade, crack, and otherwise damage your trim. Get started with the trim restoration for your vehicle by calling the best team in San Gabriel Valley, right now.


If you are looking for trim restoration in the San Gabriel Valley area, please call us today at 626-408-4294 or complete our online request form.